Mosaic Screen Saver

Midnight Software's Mosaic Screen Saver can be customized to fit a number of different applications. For company web site or product promotion. Mosaic offers an alternative way to display multiple images without using a standard slide show format.

The Mosaic Screen Saver takes several images and tiles them on the screen in a mosaic pattern. The images are then constantly replaced with new images at a user defined speed. The screen pattern is constantly changing with new images.



Cockeyed uses Midnight Software's Mosaic Screen Saver to promote it's site of wacky science projects and pranks.

The Cockeyed screen saver is an example of multiple splash screens and no "Always On" image has been defined. It contains 142 images that are 72x72 pixels in size.

Download the Screen Saver. (2.5 MB)

San Diego Rail

San Diego Rail is using the Mosaic Screen Saver to promote an internet radio show called Let's Talk Trains.

The San Diego Rail Mosaic uses 103 images that are 160x160 pixels in size. This is a good example of the "Always On" feature. Whenever the logo is replaced with an image, it is redrawn at a new location.

Download the San Diego Rail Screen Saver. (7.7 MB)

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